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This project was completed for my Information design class in 2011. The assignment was to create appropriate packing for a chosen target audience. As for products, we could choose between olives, cereal, popcorn, and bow ties. We also had to include a “how-to” portion of the packaging. Part of the challenge was integrate the “how-to” into the overall design. My target audience for this project was a 35 year old mother of two boys, who is happily married. She is tech savvy, successful in her accounting job, stylish, and likes to have fun. She buys olives about once a month or so to cook with and to bring to ladies night to mix dirty martinis. However, the main characteristic of her is that she loves life. This is where I got inspiration for the name OliveLife. When spoken, it sounds like “all of life” or “I love life” or even “I live life”, depending on how the consumer pronounces olive.

I chose this template for the shape. The shape references that of a martini glass, which I thought was a nice connection between the product and the use of the product. It was a happy accident that the box almost acts a purse too, which is great for my target audience. I wanted to keep the design sleek and sophisticated but keep some surprises for the consumer. The outside of the package is somewhat conservative with some subtle character, and when the box is opened, there is a burst of more color and pattern as well as the “how-to-make-a-dirty-martini” portion. The triangle motif refers to the shape of the box martini glasses. It is repeated throughout the design for continuity and interest.

I  had so much fun creating this package design. It was a bit of a challenge to think of a 3D design that had to look comfortable and cohesive across several planes. 

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