Proctor & Gamble: Fixodent Advertisement

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This ad was completed in my third year at ACAD for my Advertising I class in 2011. We chose a partner in the class to work on this with and could pick and P&G product to do a magazine ad for. My peer, Laura Sand, and I chose Fixodent because we wanted to challenge ourselves and try to advertise a product that no one else in the class would pick (which no one did), and one that didn’t have much advertising to start with. We agreed on Fixodent and knew it would be fun. Our process took us to a lot of funny places but the idea we settled on we felt suited our jet setter demographic best. The concept is that if you don’t use Fixodent, you might find yourself losing your dentures in some very inconvenient locations, perhaps impossible to retrieve them from.


This ad was nearly impossible to shoot ourselves so we used Photoshop and were lucky enough to find some appropriate imagery. Fixodent’s current tagline for their products was “enjoy life without worrying about your dentures”, so we wanted our takeaway to play off that. “Lose the worry” means that you don’t have to worry if you use Fixodent, and you wont lose your dentures.


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