Influence Map

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This project was completed in my third year at ACAD in the first semester of Information Design, 2011. The objective of this project was to discover the influences in your life and organize these and their affects on your personality traits in an organized, clear, and interesting poster design. We started the process by writing down 50 events that have occurred throughout our lives and deciphering a theme from them about how they have contributed to our personal attributes. I discovered that my most prominent personal characteristics have arisen from events that have happened at concerts I have been to. I also found out, through doing this project, that the concerts that I have been to with my sister are the ones that tended to have dealt with higher alcohol consumption than those without my sister.


Colors I chose were some of my favourite and that I felt were a sophisticated combination. The meaning or conclusion of the graph is manifested in the title of the poster. The three graphs at the bottom were other deliverables for the project. This is one of my favourite projects I have ever done and I learned a lot about myself in the process.

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