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This project was completed for my Information design class in 2011. The assignment was to create appropriate packing for a chosen target audience. As for products, we could choose between olives, cereal, popcorn, and bow ties. We also had to include a “how-to” portion of the packaging. Part of the challenge was integrate the “how-to” […]

Slideshow Gallery Pro

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Another cool but elegant option I’m interested in using is Slideshow Gallery Pro. It is straight forward but subtleties in navigation keep it interesting. Check it out: http://cameronpreston.com/projects/plugins/slideshow-gallery-pro/

GPP Slideshow Gallery Option

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GPP slideshow is a large format, minimalist gallery option that I am interested in using. I like how the pictures are viewed either automatically or with buttons at the top right. I also enjoy the sophisticated aesthetic of the gallery system. Check it out: http://demo.graphpaperpress.com/gpp-slideshow/