Influence Map

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This project was completed in my third year at ACAD in the first semester of Information Design, 2011. The objective of this project was to discover the influences in your life and organize these and their affects on your personality traits in an organized, clear, and interesting poster design. We started the process by writing […]

Typographer Exhibition Poster: Morris Fuller Benton

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This poster was created in my very first typography class in my second year at ACAD 2010.  The assignment was to choose any font and make a poster for an exhibition of the typographer’s work using only that typeface family. I chose Franklin Gothic, created by Morris Fuller Benton. We had to include a date, […]

77 Million Paintings Poster

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This is another project from Communication Design II, 2011. The purpose of this project was to design a poster for an upcoming cultural event in Calgary, Alberta (which we chose from a list given to us). The design of the poster had to use an artistic movement we felt was appropriate, considering the purpose of […]